Jour : 5 juin 2014

To be born

Something wants to be born I can feel it churning, yearning, tossing and turning Incubating, gestating, waiting… For what?  For the water to break? For the earth to shake? For my skin to dissolve leaving only bones bare bones upon the moist earth to be chewed and gnawed and composted so that I can be …

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Take a look around Concrete jungle abound Hear the sounds of the birds, the bees Screaming out- please please Remember who you are Honour the scar Sanctify the wounds You are the star Standing alone in a room See the mirrors that reflect The space inside for you to connect Your heart with the higher …

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Inspiration L’information communiqué par nos sens Une communion avec l’Essence Dans l’espace Infini Je suis Dans mes oreilles Qui bourdonnent comme une abeille Se nourrissant de la fleur J’apprends de ma peur Qui s’exprime par l’intensification des battements de mon Coeur Dans mes oreilles J’écoute, j’entend, je comprends Que la voix me parle toujours À …

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Medicine Prayer

This tender body holds me close Offering itself as protection, Offering itself as a vehicle for Earth Mother’s connection I surrender and receive her love in every cell of my being, And allow her to rock me deep into the star-filled night. Her medicine is deep, tender, soft, but sharp. Cutting through the veils of …

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