Jour : 1 août 2018

Apocalypse Carousel

It just rolled off my back Into the belly, it snapped At last A path is forged The sword, adorned To slice through The thick stew of voodoo On this apocalypse carousel. Knotted dreams Broken seams Stitching a patch over a holy gap. Gaping mouth Teeth pulled out Saliva dripping into newfound stitching Licking the …

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When I fall

Spitting fire at your castle walls The dragon unleashed, justice calls Stronger than peace Beauty or the beast Trapped in your fortress of reason True to a story but to the heart it`s treason Two whole seasons Waiting for happily ever after Through chaos and disaster Moments of rapture Trying to capture The unattainable fantasy …

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Broken open

searching left right up down in out above below for that place where all directions converge where i can lay, broken open wounded healed whole holy in my raw mess a place where i can peel off my skin and lay in my bare bones live flesh holy in this raw mess a place where …

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