Take a look around
Concrete jungle abound
Hear the sounds of the birds, the bees
Screaming out- please please
Remember who you are
Honour the scar
Sanctify the wounds
You are the star
Standing alone in a room
See the mirrors that reflect
The space inside for you to connect
Your heart with the higher vision
Give yourself permission
To move with the rhythm of the universe
With your highest self
To fully arrive in your queendom
So life can be seen from
The eyes of nobility
Ground and anchor into this stability
Like a pillar, hold your divinity
To become the light you are meant to be
Shining with your truth
You need no proof
No external validation
Trust in the silence of meditation
In contemplation
The information will arise
In many a disguise
Many forms
Quiet the storm
And let the body inform your journey
Ton chemin
Dans tes mains
Tu trouvera une source qui te soutient
Jusqu`au lendemin
Ca t’appartient
Ce pouvoir
Cette gloire
D’etre qui tu est
Sans jamais douter
Pour toujours gouter à la fleur de vie
C’est ici
Que tu trouvera tout ce don’t tu as besoin
Pour prendre soin de ton âme
Pour nourrir la flame
Et relâcher ton arm-ure
C’Est ton future
Qui te dirige dans tout ton amplure
Tu trouvera tout ce qui est pur
Pronfondémment ancré, c’est ta nature

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