Inner Alchemy

Witnessing sunset on this glorious evening
Attempting to transmit this transcendent feeling
My heart rejoices with the laughter of a child
Calling my soul straight home to the wild
In the freedom of being,
The Truth can emerge
Like a moment of perfection,
Where two rivers converge
Into the sea, a source of inspiration
The freedom to be, in the quiet of meditation
Enraptured by the present, caressed by the wind,
Arriving every second, to the center within
Re-claiming this power, my body expresses
The essence of a flower, revealing a message
Of bones and flesh, the wisdom does call
In heart and chest, the petals shall fall
To the ground they sink, merging with the grass,
From rest they drink, for this too shall pass.
In the depth of the sea, shines a flickering light
In this lush psyche, a well of insight
An eternal fountain, of temporary truths
In climbing the mountain, breathless, the proof
That we must work for our liberation
Free of suffering, in deep contemplation
Release mind & matter
Quiet the internal chatter
Hear the pitter-patter
Of the happily ever after
Heart beating
Start greeting
The life that pulses inside
Follow the tide
Take the time to arrive
And let yourself be imbibed
By the breath
Reminding you of death
So you can appreciate this moment
So you can claim your right to live and own it!
Accept the present,
Especially if it’s unpleasant.
For it is a gift
An opportunity to shift
Into a bigger perspective
To remember that we’re all interconnected
From our connective tissue
To our deep psychological issues
Let’s remember we’re not alone
There’s a reason why we’re here
Maybe it’s not always so clear
But when we dissolve the fear
And land right now and here,
We find an inner knowing
A wise sprout slowly growing
Without a doubt it starts showing
It’s little tail
Without fail,
With proper care and attention,
These sprouts will share their connection
To the truth of the seed
That there is only one basic need
To be filled with love till overflowing
To water other seeds so they can keep growing!

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