Kundalini Rising

kundalini rising
birth of truth inspiring a straight spine
in line
with the divine
as the serpent hears the call to rise to its full size
to meet the I and I and petals of eyes in the crown
to ground cosmic energy back down
upside down, on my head
pulses in the root
to nourish this body suit
this primal
feeding the link of the child with the mother
oh brothers and sisters
we relate at the sacral where water flows

the kundalini grows organically
this primordial sexual energy
the juice
to spruce up the root
to discover the treasure and follow suit
with sensual please
beyond measure

the water then meets the fire
to bring this earth energy even higher
at the solar plexus
we find the next us
where we learn to trust
and surrender the ego
to know our true power is love
to be fulfilled with what is willed
from up above

kundalini rising
birth of truth inspiring a straight spine
in line with the sun
in connection with the one
at the third
the snake sheds a layer to reveal the bird
to reveal the wings of this heart that just wants to sing
the beauty that lives inside
on this ride
the air fuels the fire
to bring the serpent yet another stage higher
to melt into the heart
where the mother meets the father
and they start to dance
entranced into the magic of their union
the power and bliss of their communion
as they sail together into the throat
together in a boat of blue glow
together where they know
and express
the word that is best
best bless
and all the rest will unfold, for in the word is the power we hold

the gold
of these words that soar like birds
carrying our intentions
so we will be met with love in all directions
multi dimensions
of vision
creating an incision in the third eye
as the serpent of power rises to the most high
in the third eye
past lifetimes of peeling endless rinds
infinite minds
intertwined to flower
in the power
of imagination
envision this creation
in vision eye see
the snake rising to the crown, indeed
to trust and resound
with the creator
from ground up we trust
live in full devotion
of the magic potion
that enters at the top of the head
to reveal what is read
in the pages of our one heart
to watch the process, it’s just the start of

kundalini rising
birth of truth inspiring
a straight spine
time to realign and remind our cells
to shed their shells
and come back to the core
of radiant light

kundalini rising
birthing eternal insight

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