Medicine Prayer

This tender body holds me close
Offering itself as protection,
Offering itself as a vehicle for Earth Mother’s connection
I surrender and receive her love in every cell of my being,
And allow her to rock me deep into the star-filled night.
Her medicine is deep, tender, soft, but sharp.
Cutting through the veils of illusion,
She strikes with her sword of compassion.
On black panther’s back, I learn to track,
All those places where power is trapped.
The spaces that are lifeless, weak , and decaying,
To listen and honour what these places are saying.
To bury what is now dead,
To burn what has been overfed;
Overfed and undernourished,
Under dark conditions these seeds did not flourish
But they will transform and become fuel to nourish and sustain the life force’s renewal.
No longer will this power go to waste,
Time to harness, focus, and stare death in the face.
A fearless warrior, I now stand,
With the grace of the Mother, guiding my hand.
To act with pure intention, with unwavering trust and a clear heart connection.
May all my actions reflect
This sacred heart that longs to connect
The one with the all, in honour and respect

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