Apocalypse Carousel

It just rolled off my back Into the belly, it snapped At last A path is forged The sword, adorned To slice through The thick stew of voodoo On this apocalypse carousel. Knotted dreams Broken seams Stitching a patch over a holy gap. Gaping mouth Teeth pulled out Saliva dripping into newfound stitching Licking the wound Stinging at high noon Sun scorching, The flower bloomed. It’s painful to open to a heart that’s been broken Enough has been spoken Between the lines I heard the signs the mind refused to ride on the Apocalypse carousel. I wish it could be

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When I fall

Spitting fire at your castle walls The dragon unleashed, justice calls Stronger than peace Beauty or the beast Trapped in your fortress of reason True to a story but to the heart it`s treason Two whole seasons Waiting for happily ever after Through chaos and disaster Moments of rapture Trying to capture The unattainable fantasy

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Femme, Femme, calme ton esprit. Puise dans ton cœur, une source infinie. Écoute ton corps, un temple qui est nourrit, Par la terre et le ciel, deux forces unis. Femme, Femme, fais-toi confiance Ton pouvoir est ton guide, ta force est ton droit. Chaque pas que tu prends est un choix en conscience,    

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Broken open

searching left right up down in out above below for that place where all directions converge where i can lay, broken open wounded healed whole holy in my raw mess a place where i can peel off my skin and lay in my bare bones live flesh holy in this raw mess a place where

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To be born

Something wants to be born I can feel it churning, yearning, tossing and turning Incubating, gestating, waiting… For what?  For the water to break? For the earth to shake? For my skin to dissolve leaving only bones bare bones upon the moist earth to be chewed and gnawed and composted so that I can be

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Take a look around Concrete jungle abound Hear the sounds of the birds, the bees Screaming out- please please Remember who you are Honour the scar Sanctify the wounds You are the star Standing alone in a room See the mirrors that reflect The space inside for you to connect Your heart with the higher

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Kundalini Rising

kundalini rising birth of truth inspiring a straight spine in line with the divine as the serpent hears the call to rise to its full size to meet the I and I and petals of eyes in the crown to ground cosmic energy back down upside down, on my head red pulses in the root

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